Facilities & Services

We offer the following facilities and services:

Library Services
The library is equipped with several books which are borrowed by students. It is well spaced and equipped with tables and chairs to enabling students to have private studies within the library. To view More library services, click here.

ICT Services
The college has three Computer rooms equipped with computers. The institution has projectors which are normally used in the teaching and learning process. The Institution has professional qualified staff that provides support to users of ICT resources and trains tutors and students on the effective application of information and communication technology in teaching and learning processes. All computer rooms are connected with internet. For more information, click here.

Conference Halls
The institution has one well furnished hall which can accommodate 300 people. This hall can be used for many activities including wedding ceremonies, games and sports, conferences, and more. You are welcome to hire it.
Health Services
The college has its own dispensary that services students, staff members, and neighboring community members. For more information about the dispensary, click here.

Rest House
The college has the rest house with rooms that can be hired at cost effective prices.